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As time goes by, many things have lost their colors.But I still remember the unforgettable experience that I had in middle school.

About one month ago, my parents worked in another city.I lived by myself.I nearly forgot my birthday.But my teacher and my classmates remembered it.They held a small party for me at noon.We sang and danced happily.I was deeply moved.It was a special party for me.I will remember it for ever. I learned much from this.As Grade 9 students, we should care for others.

As a saying goes, "To care for others is to care for ourselves." If everyone can care for others, our life will become more and more wonderful!


An unforgettable experience 一次难忘的经历

When walking along the river of memory, I picked up a beautiful stone, on which writes an impressive story, bringing me about an unforgettable experience.

Dating back to my childhood, I can well remember when I was confronted with the anguish of moving from the only home I had ever known then, which means I couldn't come back whenever I want but had to live somewhere far away. Being away from not only my cozy courtyard but also my friendly pals made me dolorous and grieved. From then on, I was depressed for several weeks. What beyond my expectations was that my pals hold a farewell party for me by means of giving excellent shows and nice gifts before I moved far away from them. All of them tried their best to cheer me up. What surprised me most was that they had prepared that show for a month! Having ended that party, we were all in tears and did not loose our grips, one of my friends said to me,"you must look after yourself well, see you in the future and our friendship is enduring. Wish you have a brilliant prospect!"Yeah... Time has witnessed that our friendship had never changed although we were not live together.

In retrospect, the farewell party touched me deeply. In the sense of that, it illuminated the true meaning of friendship. Meanwhile it gives me power, helping me be a brave and kind-hearted girl. The experience is unforgettable. I would never forget it!




An Unforgettable Experience

As a lyric goes:“ You’ll be old if you don’t pursue something you like insanely.” I didn’t pay much heed on it the first time I saw this lyric. But you’ll never realize the profound meaning until you put it into practice.

Not long ago, I did a crazy , at least as far as I can see, thing. Well, you can guess it. I went to see a vocal concert of my favorite super star---Yan Yalun, who comes from Taiwan province. Although it happened two months ago, the stirring scene still excited me a lot every time I recollected it.

On January 9, 2013, Yalun held a concert at the centre of Kaide Square in Wuhan. I arrived there alone at about 11:20am. Cause the concert would begin at 5:00pm, I had to wait for nearly six hours. But it seemed that every fan who had arrived there gave a cold shoulder to the waiting time, the half of the square had already been occupied by Yalun’s fans. They were taking pictures of the advertisements about Yalun’s concert, buying album and making new friends with each other. About one century passed by, it was the wonder time next. With the thunderous applause breaking out, Yan Yalun presented at the stage. I burst into tears instantly I saw him. Then it was the official procession. He described what the new album tried to tell us and answered some questions asked by the host. Later, it was the key link and also the point why I eagered to come here so much---Yan Yalun’s autograph on my new album. It meant that I could shake hands with him, I had never imagined it. It was my turn to get the autograph. He firstly received my letter written to him by me and shaked my hands. Then, you could never guess it, he touched my head softly! At that moment, I could hear nothing and my brains were all blank so that I even didn’t know how I came back.

To be honest, the excited feeling is out of the expression by words. Only have you walked into the scene can you tell the magic feel. Believe it or not, the idols can give fans power. So , guys, Just do a crazy thing under the cover of your blossom age!




Never have I forgotten the experience that I took part in a competition all about{一次成功的经历英语作文}.

English knowledge.I have been working really hard in the hope of a satisfying

result.For three whole days,I was completely absorbed in the world of

English-novels,exams,speeches,songs,all of it bringing me excitement,surprise and

enjoyment.The feeling of thoroughly concentrating on something was the most wonderful experience.Everyone has an equal chance to make fairy-tales come

true,as well as to get the happiness that is already ready for you.The only thing you

need to do is take the first step,make every effort to pursue what you heartily want

and stick to it.Actually,very little is needed to make a happy life.It is all within{一次成功的经历英语作文}.

yourself,in your way of thinking,in your way of acting.Some folks go through life

pleased that the glass is half full.Others spend a lifetime complaining that it’s

half-empty.The truth is:There is a glass with a certain volume of liquid in it.From

there,it’s up to you!




成功的经历,多么简单的一个字眼呀!谁没有成功的经历?谁没成功过?在我的人生中有许许多多成功的经历,最令我刻骨铭心的那次作文竞赛。 学校一年一度的读书节又到了,学校要求每班上交,五份优秀的读书征文,教师把这个题目当作业给同学们回家完成,并要我们几个作文写得优秀的人把这篇文章写完后发给她。我回家浏览了几篇文章后便写了起来,杜甫说得好:读书破万卷,下笔如有神。我回想起以前读书发生的奇闻轶事,以及名人们说的关于读书的名言,不一会儿,一篇佳作在我手中产生了,我不禁沾沾自喜,可我拿给妈妈看时,就被她否认了三次,第一错字病句;第二次标点符号;第三次卷面的整洁度。写完之后,已是十点多钟了,我不禁埋怨母亲了:你也真是的,让我修改一两次就算了,还让我修改三次,分明就是不想让我睡个好觉吗!哼! 到了第二天,我被教师叫到了办公室。这时,我的心七上八下的,想着是不是有什么错误,到了办公室,听老师一说,我知道了,原来我的这篇文章在全班众多文章中脱颖而出,老师想把这篇文章让全班同学欣赏一下,借鉴一下写作手法,想问我愿不愿意,我一蹦三尺高,心里比吃了蜜还甜。 叮,铃铃&&上课了,朱教师走进来了,特地表扬了我,我又洋洋得意了,当老师要全班同学读我的文章时,四面八方的同学向我投来了羡慕而又嫉妒的目光,这令我更加得瑟了,我真想朝全世界大喊:易可欣,我终于超过了你! 成功,是多么愉快的一件事呀!正因为你劳动了,付出了辛勤的汗水。所以你会此生不忘,成功很简单。凡可只要你努力,付出辛勤的汗水,我想念你的汗水绝对不会付之东流的。湖北武汉汉阳区沌口小学五年级:倪静文


一次有趣的经历 英语作文 300词{一次成功的经历英语作文}.


An Impressive Experience

I still remember that day in summer when I was a junior two student. I went to Guangzhou Changlong Underwater World where I went scuba diving for the first time. It was really an unusual experience.

It was a torrid summer day .Can't resisting the temptation of the cold pool water, I decided to make a try to scuba diving. The first thing to do is learning to wear the special diving suit. It was so tight that it took me a long time to finish it. I almost can't breathe in the beginning when compressed by the elastic suit .Then I wore the diving mask and flippers and succeeded in taking an oxygen bottle on my back with the help of the coach.

After that it was time to enter the water. I walked to the pool side slowly with the heavy on my back .After being arranged a guide with me, we went along the steps hand in hand until the water was over the top of our heads. When we totally entered the pool, it seemed a little difficult for me to keep sinking. I tried to jump in the water to make me sink but I failed and it was really clumsy. There is no denying that I became more nervous so I had to be pulled by the guide. For a while we had dived into the depths of the pool. All kinds of fishes and plants were around us. I was pretty amazing and couldn't wait to approach them. I let go of the guide's hand gently to reach them. Because of the behavior I gradually felt at ease. I swayed my body by myself freely in the water. At last I even rose to the surface by myself.

Though it was just a brief experience, it wasn't as simple as seems. I really felt excited but also exhausted. I'm looking forward to journey to the bottom of the wonder world next time.



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