Good good study, abide by the rules and disciplines is each of us students should

do, is also the fine traditions of the Chinese nation virtue, but we as contemporary students but no better put it continue down. Like many Chinese young people all don't know how the double ninth festival, but solemn been to Christmas. We are all in ignorance lost discipline, do not understand their own learning objective...

Take the loving water gravity, an information class, noisy boiling, the teacher you several times sorrowful, CiChou difficult to disappear in the heart, for our ignorance, especially to your review.

First of all, I as XueWei no organized students quiet in class, cause the classmates speak seriously. But the most direct reason is that our own binding sent, the classroom content is finished, feel nothing to do; Indirect reason is that we want to do something outside of their things, unavoidable mutual exchanges, voice unscrupulously, slowly information lesson is boiling. Of course, this can't be ZiXiKe don't abide by the rules of the reason. Lu xun said... Goethe said... We only have the earnest resonsideration, looking for error behind the deep roots, to recognize the essence of the problem, can give the collective and own a hand over to treat, thus to progress.

The top self-study speech against the class gauge, influence the normal operation of the work, this is not loyal, a sin. And have failed to live up to the great parents to I sincerely hope that, what a waste of time to study at school, but unfilial, two sin. More let teacher you for this effort, sad disappointed, this is heartless, three sin... In writing this review, I feel their own ignorance, very regret.

Finally, the trouble the teacher time consuming to review we write self-criticism, I now thoroughly understand the teacher education of our well-meaning... ZiXiKe don't abide by the rules, is not a

negligible things! As long as we both have very good constraint ability, independent learning ability, in the ZiXiKe there would be no excuses, no reason for speech exculpate! We have only conscientious thinking life have so much to do, so many burdens to carry, there is no reason in normal ZiXiKe class the don't abide by the rules.

In order to thank the teacher's chun chun teachings, I hereby guarantee if there is an important

opportunity to put in my in front, I do I can management students, never let the teacher disappointed. Please teacher understanding me this one mistake!


With the development of the Internet,shopping online has become a commonplace in our daily life.Shopping in stores seems to be gradually replaced by shopping online.However,people have different views on shopping in stores and shopping online. Shopping online,where consumers can buy almost everything they need,has a lot of advantages.The most important is people don't need to waste their energy and precious time to go from one shop to another to choose the commodities they like.All they need to do is to sit in front of their computers and click the mice.What’s more,it’s very convenient for the old and the busy people who cannot go to the shops in person to buy things they need. However,shopping online also has disadvantages. Firstly,consumers can't see the goods or try them on personally.Sometimes,the real goods may not be the same as what they have seen on the computer.

On the other hand,shopping in stores as a traditional way has been well received by people,in which way the consumers can try the clothes on personally to see whether it fits them well or not.But we will spend a lot of time on shopping,which is not so good for the busy people.

In a word,We can choose different ways according to our demands.Shopping in stores and shopping online as two different

ways has greatly facilitated and enriched our lives.


我读了美国著名作家海明威的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功。 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,却拉不上来老渔夫同鱼周旋了几天后,才发现这是一条超过自己渔船数倍的大马林鱼,虽然明知很难取胜,但仍不放弃。后来又因大马林鱼伤口上的鱼腥味引来了几群鲨鱼抢食,但老人仍不愿就这样放弃,最终突出重围,将大鱼带回了渔港,让其他渔夫佩服不已。

I read a novel named “the old man and the sea” written by a famous writer Ernest Hemingway. After reading it, I very admire the will of the protagonist of the novel an old fisherman, he let me know that the key to a person’ success is persistence. The novel described an old fisherman who was nearly sixty years old, he caught a big fish in a time when he went fishing in the sea by himself, but he couldn’t pull the big fish up. After he worked with the fish for a few days, he found that the fish was several times bigger than his fishing boat. Although knowing is hard to win the big fish, he didn’t give up. Then a few groups of sharks attracted by the smell of the big fish’s wound, but the old fisherman still didn’t want to give up. Finally he succeeded and took big fish back to the fishing port. After seeing this, the other fishermen all admired the old fisherman.

This novel let me thought up an old saying goes “where there is a will there is a way有志者事竟成”


The hero of this book is a little prince from an outer planet. A pilot as the narrator in this book, telling that the experience of all kinds of adventures the prince went through during him set up from his own planet for the earth. During the trip, the prince missed A Cavalier King, a vain man, a kill time drunkard, a businessman who seeks nothing but profits, a lamplighter who hewed to a line and a pedantic geographer, finally reaching the earth, then meted the person “me” in the vast Sahara desert". The writer of the book used children’s vision to perspective the emptiness, blind and foolish of the adult. He also used some native language to write out the loneliness and happy-go-lucky life of human beings. At the same time, the book also expresses the criticism of money and the praise of beauty from the writer. In the writer’ opinion, love is hot like the volcano on the planet the prince lived on, friendship is doing one’s best to each other like the prince kill weeds for the roses.


good morning everyone today I want to talk about my college life. I still remember how happy I am the monment I received the admission notice of zhejiang unversity. For about a month before I went to school, I can't stop fantasying the appearance of the college mates and my college life. In my imagination my college mates may as handsome as popular actors. And my desired campus life is that I get up at 8:00,go to the class in the morning,go to the library at the afternoon at night I can ge to the cenema to watch movies go to bed at 22:00 After a month, my really college life got started. In reality . college friends around me may look this. what's worse I have almost everyday activities. like talent show....debete competition theme class meeting various parties multiple community activities and diverse lectures Finally, the problem arises, the course that i first thought is not difficult finall let me crazy... Every night before the deadline of homework, I had a feeling back to the time of college entrance examination... Now, I know one shouldn't let himself or herself get lost, we college students shall keep the initial dream in mind,and find way to make every day meaningful. That's all thank you

第五篇:《我的家庭英语作文200字:my family》





I love my family, because I have a happy family.

My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What’s my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you’re right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirty-seven. My mother is always laborious work. I love my parents!

On Saturday and Sunday, I often go to the library and play the piano, My father go to play basketball. Sometimes, we watch TV and listen to music at home.

I love my family. Because I’m very happy to live with my parents together!









摘 要: 本文针对非英语专业英语六级考试作文试题中出现的错句,分析主要存在的问题,以此透视语言教学中词汇教学的关键——词汇教学对写作教学的重要影响。词汇是语言的基础,对于词汇的认知有很大的差别。只有在词汇教学中,关注词汇的使用,尤其是主动词汇的使用,才能有的放矢地提高写作水平。

关键词: 错句分析 词汇理解 词汇教学 英语作文写作


著名学者威尔金斯说过:没有语法,表达甚微;没有词汇,表达为零(without grammar,very little can be conveyed;without vocabulary,nothing can be conveyed.)。相信任何一个语言学习者都有深刻的体会:无论语法学得多好,语音掌握得多好,没有合适的词汇表达各种意义,语言交际就难以实现。由此可见,一个人掌握词汇的深度与广度,直接影响他的语言表达能力,影响他思想表达的丰富与准确程度。


语法的前提下,初步用英语表达个人的思想。在具体的学习实践中,这两者实际上是不可分的。目前有许多学生用英语记日记,就正处于从第一阶段向第二阶段过渡,而且主要是练习第二阶段基本语言与思想的表达。第三,主要强调内容。当学习者对一门外语的词汇和语法有了一定的掌握,可以用它表达相对复杂的思想时,就基本进入了第三阶段,这时对于写作者主要的要求是内容的表达,基本语法、语病句子已经不是考核的主要内容。对于学习英语写作的学生来说,尤其是在第二、第三个阶段需要模仿范文。一些人通过大量地背诵优美的原版散文与政论文,然后得心应手、落笔成章。如: 2012年12月份的四级英语考试的作文题目为:education pays。有些学生在写作时把握不了中心,造成跑题的现象。究其原因主要是不理解作文题中pay的汉语意思。实际上pay一词在英语中是一个极其普通的词汇,应该理解为教育投资,或者说教育回报。pay本身有“付款,支付,承担”的意思,它的用法通常是pay for„„也就是为„„付款或者为„„买单;这里pay强调的是目的性的支付,像一项投资,是有回报的。如果说按照有的学生理解的教育花费的话,则应该是education costs。cost才是花费、费用的意思,cost强调花费。可见对于词汇的正确理解是写作的至关重要的前提。

2011年6月份的全国大学英语六级考试的作文题为“证件疯狂”(the certificate craze),具体内容要求是:用三十分钟时间写一篇不少于150字的短文,并且给出了具体的大纲:(1)现在很多






1.more and more museums to free admissions have enforced.

2.more and more museums have become to be free to go to it.

3.more and more museums are admitted to the public on free.

4.more and more museums open to public in free.

5.the public have free admissions to many museums.

6.more and more museums are opened freely to the public.

7.more and more museums are free of charge.

8.more and more museums are open to public free of charge.

9.more and more people can enjoy free admissions to museums.

10.there are more and more museums to be free nowadays.

11.there are more and more free admissions to museums.

12.more and more museums are free to the public.

13.more and more museums give the public free admission to visit them.

14.more and more museums are free opened to people.

15.more and more museums are open free nowadays.


谷词在线词典把这一句子翻译成:the more and more museum opens to the outside world for free to the public.①

谷歌翻译把这一句子翻译成:more museums open to the public free of charge.②


1.more and more museums are open for free nowadays.

2.more and more museums are available to the public free of

charge nowadays.

3.admissions to more and more museums are free for the public nowadays.

4.nowadays,an increasing number of museums are open to the public with free admission

5.an increasing number of museums are open to the public for free.

下面我们分别看free和open的用法。根据longman dictionary of contemporary english——the living dictionary的解释,free可以作为形容词和副词。作为形容词的例句有:(1)admission is free for children under five;(2)all students are offered free accommodation。作为副词的例句有:(1)children under four can travel free;(2)he offered to work for free;(3)all these services are available to the public free of charge。open 可以作为动词和形容词。作为动词的例句有:(1)sarah had recently opened an office in new york;(2)french and scandinavian offices are due to open in the autumn;(3)the bakery opens early。作为形容词的例句有:(1)the museum is open daily in the summer months;(2)the offices are open even in weekends。可见 “free,open”是两个基本词,由于它们的词性不同,用法多样。






认识词汇,防止学生孤立地学习词汇。应该注意:(1)近义词的不同搭配要尽量一起教,并强调其区别。如我们熟悉的:put on与dress:put on a coat,dress sb.;再如:rob与steal:rob sb.of sth.,steal sth.from sb.(2)词的搭配受语法的支配。如:the train has left for half an hour.这句中的错误在于没有弄清“leave”这类瞬间动词不能与for half an hour这样表示一段时间的状语搭配在一起。(3)英汉词汇搭配的区别。如汉语中“开车、开门、开刀、开灯”都用“开”,但英语却要分别用drive,open,operate,turn on来搭配。

从上边出现的问题来看主要是学生学习的时候没有把成块的语言材料free of charge,is free for sb.,open free一起记住。这些简单的构成只要能够掌握,就不难给出正确的表达。在此项的写作练习中,教师强调学习与记忆语言的语块很必要。



1.more and more museums to free admissions have enforced.

2.the public have free admissions to many museums.

3.more and more people can enjoy free admissions to museums.

4.more and more museums give the public free admission to visit them.

5.admissions to more and more museums are free for the public nowadays.

6.nowadays,an increasing number of museums are open to the public with free admission

这些句子虽然正确,但第一句、第四句、第六句却比较蹩脚。第一句因为用了enforce,显得太强硬,第四句to visit them,有些多余,第六句有些正式且多余,如果把其中的with free admission改成for free,就比较自如了。

7.more and more museums are free of charge.

8.more and more museums are open to public free of charge.

9.more and more museums are free to the public.

10.more and more museums are free opened to people.

11.more and more museums are open free nowadays.

12.more and more museums are open for free nowadays.

13.more and more museums are available to the public free of charge nowadays.

14.an increasing number of museums are open to the public for free.



合要求当然是简洁的语言更合适。就四级考试的作文来看,没有必要写成很正式的文体,中性文体形式就可以。从英语的发展来看,文体形式趋向于非正式,例如,伦敦的公共汽车上写着:“please do not speak to the driver while he is driving a car.”几年前,这个牌子是这样写的:“passengers are required not to

communicate with the deriver while the vehicle is motion.”④所以我们在写作时要尽量注意文章的语体风格,只有语体风格一致,才能使得全文统一协调。作文中采用的文体大部分是一般文体。提醒学生使用词汇的时候要注意词汇的感情色彩,尤其是文体色彩。阅读指导写作时可以让学生体会不同的文体的文本的效果,提高鉴赏力和写作能力。





变化。也就是单单记住单个词的意思,很难从写作的角度还原。因而,如果不能很好地认识词汇的含义和在句中的使用,就很难真正掌握词的意义,更谈不上正确地使用词汇,形成合乎语法的句子。 词汇的学习是语言学习的基础,是写作的基础。要想写好英语句子,做好英语文章,首先要重视词汇的积累、词汇的用法。写作能够帮助我们增强使用语言的准确性。写一个句子、一段、一篇,都力求句法、用词、拼法、大写、标点等完全正确,而且与前后句联系密切,语气连贯。⑤











The importance of reading classics 字串4  As many people say, reading classics plays a significant role to one's growing. Because all of the classics are the positive results of wisdom.   We can learn much knowledge and become more intelligent by reading them. Especially, when we are during our growing time, it helps us get many right minds to reading more famous books.   However, now people who enjoy reading those classical books are getting less and less. There are a lot of reasons for this phenomena. To begin with, there are many other leisure activities in the modern society, young men go to do these things instead of reading. What's more,many people prefer some other books to classics because they think classics are useless.   I think, we university men should take some effective actions to prevent the situation. We should read classics as many as possible in our spare time, and we shouldn't just scan those words and phrases over our minds but to use your head to think more about those. 字串9 字串6


Unit 1 How often do you exercise?

Lucy is my best friend.

She usually does her homework for one and a half hours a day.She likes learning English,so she reads English books every day.She hardly ever watches TV.She surfs the internet twice a week.She exercises three or four times a week.She goes to the movies once a month.

So you see Lucy has a good lifestyle.

Unit 2 What’t the matter?

假如你是Gina,Tony 和Julie的老师,表格内容是你根据他们的问题提出的一些建议。

much TV in the evening.Tony says he is

stressed out.He should listen to some music.He shouldn’t study late.It’s bad for his health.Julie looks heavy.She may have bad eating habits.She should take more exercise and eat less meat and junk food.

Unit3 What are you doing for vacation?

We are going to take a vacation.

First we are going to Qu Jing and staying there for two days. We are climbing the mountains, so please wear the sports shoes. Don’t forget to take your camera! We can take a lot of beautiful photos there. Then we are going to Kun Ming for three days. We can do lots of things there. We are going to the beach and visiting the museums there. We can also go shopping and eat a lot of good food.

I hope we will have a good time.

Unit 4 How do you go to school?


1 家离学校3千米的路程。 2 每天6点起床,早饭后坐地铁上学。

3 到学校花10分钟时间。 4 上午上4节课,下午上2节课。

5 晚饭后做作业,10点睡觉。

My Day

My home is 3 kilometers from school.I get up at 6 o’clock and take the subway to school after breakfast.It takes me 10 minutes to go to school.I have 4 classes in the morning and 2 classes in the afternoon,I do my homework after supper.I go to bed at 10 o’clock..

So my day is busy.

Unit 5 Can you come to my party?


Subject;party From;Fangfang Hi,Meimei,

Thank you for your invitation to come to your party. But I’m sorry I can’t come. My mother is ill today. She has to go to see the doctor. And my brother is too young .So I have to stay at home and look after him.And I need to do some housework.,too. In the evening I have to have a piano lesson.

I hope you have a good time.


Unit 6 I’m more outgoing then my sister.


tall, thin, funny, quiet,more serious, like sports, like music, popular,interesting

My parents

I love my parents very much. They are different.

My father is taller ,and he is thinner than my mother. He likes doing sports very much. So he often plays basketball. My father is funnier and more outgoing than my mother. He is an interesting man.My mother is beautiful. She is quiet. Sometimes she is more serious than my father. She likes listening to music in her free time. She is kind and loving.

Both my parents are very popular.

Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

根据汉语提示,请以“My plans for the Winter Holiday”为题,用英语写一篇意思连贯,符合逻辑的小短文。要点提示:1、好好休息 2、帮助父母 3、多读好书。

My plans for the Winter Holiday

The winter holiday is coming ,so I’m excited. Here are my good plans for it.

First,I want to have a good rest. Then I’m planning to go somewhere interesting.Next, I would like to visit my grandparents,and I have to help my parents with somg housework. Of course,I’m reading some great books,too. Finally,I’m sure I’m going to have an interesting winter holiday.

Unit 8 How was your school trip?


Sunday October 25th Sunny Today I had a day off, but I was really busy.

In the morning I went shopping with my father by car. We bought a lot of food and drinks.In the afternoon, Uncle John asked me to help him on the farm. So I went to his farm by bike after lunch. We worked on the farm all the afternoon.The weather was very hot, so I was really tired. But I had a good time.

Unit 9 When was he born?

以 “my father”为题,写一篇小短文。

My father

My father is a teacher. He was born on January 5,1973.He is a tall man ,and he works very hard.

Three years ago,he worked in a middle school.He often went to school by bike.He stayed at school from Monday to Friday. He went home on weekends.In the school he often played basketball with his students. All the students like him very much.Now he works in No.5 Middle School.He goes to school on foot.

My father is very busy every day. I love my father.

Unit 10 I’m going to be a basketball player.


1大明想成为一名足球运动员。 2

3陈丽想成为一名护士。 4我想成为一名教师。


Everyone has a great dream. My friends have their dreams, too.

Da Ming is going to be a football player in the future. Lin Tao is going to be a scientist when he grows up.He likes science very much. Chen Li is a girl. She wants to be a nurse in the future. Because she likes to look after people. And I am going to be a teacher when I grow up. So I should study hard at school,

Our dreams are nice,so we must study hard every day.

Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?

假如你是Sandy,明天是你的生日,你在家里举行一个聚会,你需要一些帮助,请你给Dave 发个电子邮件,你希望他来帮你打扫房间,顺便再来的路上买些面包、水果和四瓶牛奶,到时你付钱给他。


Dear Dave,

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to have a party at my home. I need some help. Could you please help me clean the living room? I also need some food and fruits. Could you help me buy some apples ,bananas, pears and bread. I need four bottles of milk, too. Could you please buy them ? You can buy these things on the way to my house. I will give you money.

Thank you very much.


Unit 12 What is the best radio station?


Last week our school did a survey of the places in our town. Here are the results. Many high school are good, but No.2 High School is the best. It has the best teachers and it also has the most beautiful campus. Modern Cinema is the best movie theater in our town. It has the biggest screen. The best clothing store is XingXing Clothing Store. Because it has the best quality clothes. As for hospital, most students think People’s Hospital is the best. Because it has the friendliest service and is not expensive.